Cleaning 101: Cleaning Towels



Teresa’s Tools of the Trade: The Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Towels:

What is better to clean with? A. A cotton towel B. Sponge C. your hand D. An old stained T-shirt from the 1980s?
Correct Answer: A

Whenever Teresa cleaned, whether it be mansions or apartments, she always took with her a bag full of small towels. Instead of using paper towels which can be both expensive and wasteful, Teresa always kept small white towels on hand whenever she cleaned counter tops, dusted, or spruced up bathrooms. Here, Teresa will tell share with you her expert cleaning tips, and tell you exactly what kind of towels to use whenever you clean. “In the old days, they used t-shirts,” Teresa explained. “But they don’t have any absorbency.




Don’t use old clothes like t-shirts. They don’t absorb and they don’t wash well (you will notice that all the strands of thread usually begin to come out).

Save paper towels and instead use cotton towels. Not only do they absorb better and save you money, but cotton towels are much more efficient.

Buy Square Shaped 12’ by 12’ white sized cotton towels. You can purchase them in packs at supply stores, hardware stores or one of Teresa’s favorites: Smart-N-Final. (the best is the 12 pack)
She loves cotton towels for mirrors.

One of favorite towels are made of micro-fiber. Teresa prefers micro-fiber for all household needs. There is more absorbancy. She uses them on mirrors, counter tops, perfect for dusting without leaving behind all the lint.

Teresa’s Super Tip: Don’t use the same towel for your kitchen as you would for your bathroom.

When you are done cleaning, you can throw them in the wash (Wash Separately) and disinfect with hot water and soap or for really germ ridden towels, use bleach.



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