Nature’s Beauty


Almost everyday, it seems that some beauty company is coming out with a new cream, serum or gel that promises to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and restore youth. While some of these creams are truly effective, some of the products out there just seem to do ittle else but cost a lot of money. Anti-aging creams today can run anywhere between 20 dollars to 400 dollars and more. Sure, it beats plastic surgery cost wise but do 400 bucks is a lot of money.

Teresa however has turned not to department stores or drugstores to help her skin look dewy and youthful, but to nature to help turn back the clock. She has created beauty creams and techniques that have worked incredibly well for her. In fact, people always think she is ten to twenty years younger than her actual age.

With Teresa’s skin being dry and sensitive, she had to find products that would moisturize and not cause an allergic reaction. She turned to her beautiful and glamorous grandmother who used to create skincare from ingredients that she found in nature and in her hometown in Mexico. Teresa will share her own techniques and tips plus recipes from her grandmother and possibly help you keep your skin looking amazing without breaking the bank.


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