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Ask Teresa….

With over 30 years of experience in fashion, home decor, cooking, cleaning and raising a family, Teresa Knows a lot…Here, Teresa will give you her expert opinion on a variety of topics.


Dear Teresa,

I am in my late fifties and I just got a new job in an office fillled with women who are much younger than me. I don’t want to compete with them, and to be honest, I just don’t feel comfortable wearing what they wear when it comes to makeup. What kind of makeup would look good for my age
without looking like I’m trying too hard.

Caroline H. Anaheim, California 

Dear Caroline,

Thanks for your question. I would recommend that your makeup should be very subtle. When we are in our late fifties, we have to be careful not to wear makeup that makes us look older than what our actual age.

For example, our eye makeup needs to be subtle. I personally use shadows that have a satin finish and I tend to stay away from those with glitter.

Use a matte transition color that are in the brown family and do the satin finish in the middle of the lid which will make your eye pop..

You can make your eyes look vibrant by using an eyeliner along the tightline…. but I would recommend not to do the bottom line.

Do put some of the shadow on the bottom of the lash to marry the whole eye look. I am sure you will look classy and professional.


From Team Teresa: Good news! Teresa will come out with a video on beauty in a few weeks!


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