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Dear Teresa,

I would like to know what I am doing wrong when mopping my laminate floors. I clean them with a good cleanser and water but when I finish mopping, I am dismayed to find long ugly streaks. What am I doing wrong?

Jennifer S.      Bend, Oregon 

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your question. Most likely…in my opinion, you are using too much cleaning solution and not enough water.  Further, the amount of cleanser you use depends on how dirty your floors are…but you definitely need to put the right amount of cleansing solution into the water…and it sounds like you are using far too much. (:

Here are my suggestions:

(1) If you are using a normal size bucket, fill the bucket half way with water. Follow the directions on the container as to the exact amount you need to use, but I usually use about 1/4 cup of cleanser if your floors are just a little dirty and this is just for maintenance. If your floors are really dirty, you may need 1/2 cup. Please look to the directions on the cleanser especially to see if the cleanser is right for your type of floors.

(2) Before mopping…very important…you must sweep or vacuum the floors with an attachment thoroughly before you start so all the dust and debris are gone.

(3) Next,  you apply the mop after dipping it into the bucket of water and cleanser. Be sure to squeeze it so it’s not soaking wet when you apply to the floor. Mop and clean thoroughly with zig zag motions. Be sure to rinse your mop every so often while cleaning. You will notice the water will be dark if not black.

(4) Afterwards, rinse your mop out well, squeeze dry and go over floors quickly this time with clean water to give it a finished look. You can repeat steps 3 and 4 if you haven’t cleaned in your floors for a long time….



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