Team Teresa


Teresa: CEO, Founder and President

Born and raised in Acapulco, Mexico, Teresa was one of seven children. Despite a childhood of grave poverty and extreme childhood abuse, Teresa went on to study medicine at U.G. When the university faced difficult times, she, despite being one of the school’s top students, lost her scholarship money and was no longer able to afford the tuition. Despite these set backs, Teresa was determined to live her life to the fullest and at twenty-one, she packed up her bags and moved to the US by herself. There, she quickly found work despite not being able to speak English. For many years, she worked in the beauty and fashion industry and learned English.

When she was in her early twenties, Teresa also began her own cleaning business as a side job. She eventually became so good at it and in demand she formed her own company. Despite having her own team of employees, no one could ever be as good as Teresa. She had a unique way of cleaning and customers loved her incredible professionalism and trustworthiness. Moreover, customers quickly began to realize there was clean, and then there was “Teresa Clean.”

With the many years of experience both in life, and in work, Teresa decided to share her own experiences with others. She hopes she can teach others not just about cleaning or cooking or developing one’s personal style, but would also like to inspire others especially women on how to live and overcome incredible adversity and abuse. Today, Teresa is married and has four children.

Todd Sonoga: Chief Financial Officer


Todd brings to the table 29 years of industry experience. Mr. Sonoga was the Sr. Partner and assistant editor for Wall Street Publishing with “The Small Cap Report”, heading their Newport Beach office in Southern California. Mr. Sonoga then went on to a very successful consulting career assisting public and private companies in the areas of market awareness, market support, capital raising, branding, social media, marketing/advertising and identifying merger/acquisition targets.

Since 2008, Todd has created and overseen one of the largest social media networks in North America including 650 plus investment groups on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Opportunity, Harvest Exchange, Gust, Angel List, IHUB, OTCWatch, Investors Hangout and StockTwits. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Sonoga launched Trilogy Marketing Strategies, Wall Street Micro Cap, Wall Street Penny and Crowd Funding Power.  Today, Mr. Sonoga is Co-founder and CMO of and continues to work as a marketing consultant for top companies.

Gaya Lynn:

Co-founder,  Executive Director of Brand Development and Head Writer

With a MFA in writing, Gaya has 20+ years as a professional writer. She has written for IA Journal, L’italoamericano, Massi Fashion House, and several global PR companies including AWI PR. After living abroad where she worked as a dance teacher for the De Souza Dance Company in Italy before switching gears and working in the medical sector in a Pathology lab,  she decided to pursue her passion of writing and move back to the states.

Five years ago,  she used her skills in PR and writing and began promoting artists and personalities. After working with Mr. Dick Marconi, one of original founders of Herbalife,  former NFL player Marques Anderson and his charity-The World Education Foundation and photographer Jimmy Wilson,  she now represents the artist FRISCH and is the Director of Communications for a financial radio show,     based out in Dallas, Texas.

Gaya is passionate about children and animal rights and mental illness awareness in memory of her sister who suffered from a severe mental illness.  She loves her children, watching KDRAMA, her 3 pets, and learning foreign languages. She runs the E-Zine in her spare time